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“…Not once did I feel like a student, meaning I did not feel like I was being told what to do and how to do it. It felt more of a friend to friend chat giving advice not like a school teacher telling me what to do…”

- Jamie


"...I am indebted to Beckster really who without his input I would probably be making my usual mistakes. His unique insight and knowledge and tailored coaching was invaluable to me..."

- Reynard, London


"..[Beckster] is extremely high energy and engaging and it works magnificently. He gave us some first class material but, more importantly, he demonstrated its delivery..."

- Hotfuzz, London


"...Beckster is very patient, and explains everything until you get it. He doesn't make you do anything weird, and is just a cool dude to hang out with..."

-Switch, London


"...The world is definitely filled with more possibilities this week! The bootcamp really opened my eyes and got me taking the first steps which really I needed..."

-Sean, Dublin

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